Have the ceremony you really want

Welcome to my website

Over many years of conducting Civil Wedding Ceremonies I found   an increasing number of people asking to celebrate life’s milestones in a more relaxed and personal way. 

Now, as Jersey’s first resident Independent Celebrant I can help. 

Whether your ceremony is to be small and select or a full traditional family gathering, the whole event will be specially designed to suit you.  You’re not even restricted to any particular venues.

With your help, I will write a personalised introduction and create a structure that can incorporate your own beliefs, vows, promises, poetry, prose or music.  

I have great empathy and sincerity and will provide you with all the help and support you need.


As an ‘Independent’ I am not restricted by the usual rules and regulations, although, I must of course, adhere to the law.

None of my ceremonies have any status in law and If there are any legal requirements I will give advice and gently guide you through them.

The States of Jersey make no legal provision for renewal of vows, naming ceremonies or weddings on the beach etc. 

First Steps    

In the first instance I suggest an informal chat, without any obligation.  Just give me a call and I’ll do the rest.

Email: david@jerseycelebrant.com      •    Telephone: 01534 744417          Mobile: 07797 748588